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Latest reviews for The Kidsney Zone Academy 5/5.0 stars (7 reviews)

Deborah in Jonesboro, AR *****
My daughter attended The Kidsney Zone from age 1 to age 4. She absolutely loved coming to daycare. The staff is truly amazing and nurturing to each and every child. I heard so many great things about The Kidsney Zone within the community. I had to check them out for myself. The great things I heard were also the great things that are displayed every day at The Kidsney Zone. As a parent knowing your child is receiving excellent care and supervision gives you a peace of mind. The facility is clean and tidy. You are also notified of everything your child does during the day via Brightwheel App. I’m thankful for Mrs. Jackson and her staff for building and assuring trust; also helping to release my fear of placing my child in daycare.
Samantha Ingram in Jonesboro, AR *****
I am so thankful to have stumbled upon this daycare. My grandaughter has attended for x amount of months, and has progressed from being non-verbal and bashful to an inquisitive, talkative child. Kidsney Zone) has clean facilities, age-appropriate activities, and teachers who strive to be positive examples in all they do. Billing is easy, and feedback is consistent and detailed. I highly recommend Takida owner/director if you’re looking for a daycare facility that has your child’s best interests in their hearts, with the experience and education to make a lasting difference in pre-school readiness.and can’t leave out my angels teacher Niesha Special thanks to her for all her hard work and enthusiasm . I believe my child's future will become very bright to learn from Kidsney Zone The best thing about this daycare /leaning center This is not a daycare that puts your child in front of a TV and calls it a day. Expect your child to learn songs, sing, dance, be read to, be hugged and loved, and learn things like their alphabet. I would like to thank all staff for lifting us up and for believing in Kaylani. And her future . I can’t say enough about this amazing organization .
...Samantha Ingram
Tasha in Jonesboro, AR *****
My son just recently graduated Pre-K from The Kidsney Zone and started kindergarten in August. I just recently received his progress report from the first 9 weeks. On the Letter Naming Fluency the score goal was 11, my son scored a 19!!!! On the Math the score goal was 26, he scored a 40!!!!
I want to THANK ALL THE TEACHERS who worked with him to make sure he was more than ready for kindergarten!! These scores could not be possible without the hard work and love of his teachers!!!!
Brittani in Jonesboro, AR *****
Safety, learning environment, and friendly attitudes. The Kidsney Academy is for you. We tried other centers, but this one, our daughter loves the experience. Thank you for all that you do!!!
Ashley in Jonesboro, AR *****
The Kidsney Zone is a wonderful daycare. The staff is amazing and took excellent care of my children while preparing my 5 year old for kindergarten. You guys rock!
Tawuana in Jonesboro, AR *****
Excellent ,ashonishing learning center. My child been attending this learning center since 6weeks old and is 3yrs now and can count to 30 know all her ABCs since 1yrs able to speak in clear sentences. And what I love most is that she is never messy, clothes stay clean .
Jessica in Jonesboro, AR *****
My daughter has attended Kidsney Zone for almost 6 months now and she absolutely loves it! They genuinely care about all of their students and go above and beyond! I love all the staff at Kidsney Zone and my daughter has learned so much! The facility is always so clean and tidy! I never thought I would feel comfortable letting my daughter go to school, I have no problem leaving her there because I know they will take good care of her!

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